Rapid-Prototyping Stories with 3D Design, Comics, and Audio


I'm Amber. I create things and share 'em with the void. I explore the process of rapid-prototyping stories in formats like film, comics, audio dramas, and 3D illustration.

I'm currently on a journey to write, illustrate and self-publish a Supernatural Fantasy Graphic Novel.

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Weekly Intentions Journal

2020 kicked my butt. In 2021 I needed to regroup and refocus. I went in search of an intentions journal that would check my boxes.


  • Intention Setting w/ Affirmations

  • Short Reflections

  • Easy to fill out (5-10 min)

  • Zero Fluffy Stuff

  • No Self-Help Lectures

  • A Neutral Cover

Turns out that didn't exist.
So I made one!

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