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Using Ai to Customize Metahumans

Welcome to the Void!

We're Amber & Jwall. We use disruptive tech to enhance human storytelling. With over 20 years of video & film experience, 3D Design, Synthography, and the power of the internet our aim is to use these tools to strengthen human creativity.Here you'll find the creation of;

  • Screenplay Books - Pitch-Ready Screenplays for easy reading.

  • Coloring Stories - Interactive coloring books with stories.

  • Audio Dramas - Delicious ear candy of our stories.

  • Mindfulness & Communication Journals for creatives.


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Using Ai to Customize Metahumans

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AI Actors
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AI Actor Test

Read more about our process with this epic
AI Actor Test.

Zombie Brother w/ UE5

Zombie Brother w/ UE5

A quick breakdown of how we brought a scene from Zomborgs to life!



Zombie Brother w/ UE5


Using Ai to Customize Metahumans


Dumb Pitches

We Got Books On Books!


Built for Ease & Enjoyment


Let Us Blow Your mind!

Immerse yourself in this pilot episode! Run from zombie hordes with our heroes as they battle cyborg zombies, and navigate a strange cult-like utopia.

Zomborgs Crew Promo Shot
Zomborgs Crew Promo Shot

Zombie Portraits

A Pretty Terrifying Coloring Book

The story that inspired the Zomborgs Series started as a coloring story. Dive into the original world of Nuvitta through the eyes of an android on a rescue mission!

We Got Journals!

Mindfulness & Communication Tools

Yeah, we dipped our toes into the "low content" market. Low fluff and to the point mindfulness & communication tools for the creative entrepreneur.

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Free Study Guides

We make a lot of stuff and share it with the void, but we're not so great at teaching. So, how about we just share the tutorials and resources we used to get there?

Zomborgs Crew Promo Shot

Zomborgs Crew Promo Shot


Get 10 Free Digital Zombie Pages to color to your heart's content! From our
Zombie Portraits Coloring Story.

Zomborgs Crew Promo Shot

Who Are We?

At Oh Hey Void, we are a two-person team dedicated to the art of storytelling and the power of disruptive technologies. We write our own stories and employ various techniques to bring our imaginary worlds to life.As passionate creators, we embrace the ever-changing landscape of technology and human interaction. In our ethical approach to synthography workflows, we consciously remove the concept of "in the style of" and refrain from relying on the likenesses of living celebrities to create our characters. We firmly believe that these tools, when wielded by creative minds, have the potential to unlock a new era of human creativity.With the fusion of synthography (AI-generated imagery) and our extensive 20+ years of visual storytelling experience, we are excited to showcase the power of screenplays as immersive visual experiences. Our aim is to captivate audiences seeking something truly unique and entertaining.Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities of storytelling, where disruptive tech meets human imagination."

(This was written by us and then edited using CHATGPT)

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Creative Producer

Amber enjoys stories that make an audience consider multiple points of view and explores the nuances of dialogue, character development, and world-building. When she's not designing 3D characters, AI prompting, or writing the bible for our next world, she's happiest taking mid-day naps, contemplating philosophical nonsense, or running into furniture while fleeing VR bad guys.


Creative Producer

Jayson's stories of choice are real-world tales and epic visual masterpieces. A documentary fiend and autodidact Jayson enjoys anything that excites his brain. When he's not 3D designing or planning our latest marketing strategy he enjoys being in nature, playing tennis, dancing to music, and cooking up a new recipe for life.

Zomborgs Crew Promo Shot

Our Process Transparency

We agree that people should know what was made exclusively by humans and what was AI-assisted. That's why we have a "Made with Synthography" badge that we began using in 2023.This badge is printed on all of our products (published in 2023 onward) that used AI in some shape or form in their creation.While most of our work involves human writing, design, and process some of the image generation and text editing is done with tools like midjourney, stable diffusion, and chatGPT.

Dumb Pitches


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